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about + dni + interests + creations


☆ beckett / theodore / graham
★★★ bee / ted are good nicknames!
☆ taken 04.26.21
★★★ dolores is my wife =_=
☆ he/him or it/its
★★★ friends can use she/her as well
☆ 23 years young
★★★ gem. sun, libra moon & rising
☆ mixed race & jewish
★★★ boricua + white + navajo
☆ fruity butch lesbian
★★★ TME & intersex
☆ mentally & physically disabled
★★★ LOL


☆ this is a safe space for transfems, jewish people, LGBT people, and people of color. if i interact with a member of a hate group, please let me know, and i'll remove the offending individual ASAP.☆ my opinions on internet jargon and discourse are made pretty blatant on my personal blog and i don't really care to debate any of this stuff. if you feel i'm truly overreaching, let me know, and i'll be happy to correct myself.☆ the typing issues is caused by disability. if you're having trouble understanding me, please ask me to repeat myself! if you'd like to make a joke about me crytyping while we're in discourse, please send me $100 first.☆ i block liberally, so don't take any personal offense to it. if you feel you've been blocked in error, you're welcome to send an anon about it or something, and i'll clear up the issue should i deign to do so.


the below subjects are my SPINs. i have autism!
☆ cybersecurity & computer science
★ psychological horror games
☆ aviation & airplanes
★ marine biology
☆ entomology

the below subjects are medias i'm really into!
☆ AUDIO: wolf 359, TAZ, counter/weight
★ VISUAL: dghda, psych, eureka
☆ INTERACTIVE: soma, animal crossing, overwatch
i'm currently re-listening to counter/weight and plan on listening to dungeons & daddies after i'm're welcome to recommend media to me if you think it'd be up my alley!


the below button takes you to my art blog's projects page, where i have listed all the content i have made OR am making OR will make.